8/20/14 Look In


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One hundred twenty six games thus far



Doug Fister acquisition from a recently post ASG break ailing DET has caused more of a landscape switch than some would assume. Fister with a line  some may think Is way beyond his means: 2.20 era along side a 74SO/14BB ratio just under 120 Innings; DET David Price which didn’t come without a major Impact to DET prospects sending top draft picks also a single MLB ready arm to St.Petersburg

In contrast to Fister who Washington seemed to of brought In for almost nothing.


Washington clubs starting staff has grown to become a major contender In contention for this October Classic.


–The starting point of this season If someone had tried to or who may conveyed an Image to my own mind that: Jonathan Lucroy, potentially would win NL MVP ? I didn’t know who he was till a few weeks Into April he’s batting over .300 (42- 2B) major Impact behind the dish makes for a huge Impact on the ball club.


–This season thus far and last seem to have transferred MLB back to a pitchers dominate era, not so much as In pitchers throwing surplus Innings / complete games, more so that hitters can’t seem to post as similar seasons as In years past.


St. Louis closer Rosenthal, has struggled during his task leading to teammate Pat Neshek most likely taking over his position, first time all star as a middle bullpen guy Neshek at the young age of thirty three, with already 192 plate appearances faced he’s walked 5 given up 25 hits and struck out 58 earning a earned run average under one.


Blast from  69’ season San Francisco Giants had two starters to throw over twentyfive CG’s  (Perry – Marichal) only 26 total teams In the game then.

MLB teams agendas change on a daily game schedule for countless reasons to name. A great last
six weeks of the regular season Is here. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading this somewhat equal to the value of how I enjoyed writing It.


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